Fearless: An Exercise in Visual Poetry

Original text from "Immediate Action" by Andy McNabb

Bird: A Haiku

European Starling by Rick Shultz Cresting eventide hark, the scant black bird calls for its wistful consort

For a Sleepless Lover

Beloved, In the darkness of the morning’s first breath What silent song awakes That stirs my soul to such heights All thought is lost in brilliant blues and lover’s sighs. Gazing through dream-swept stars My eyes hold yours Lovingly, Longingly searching for that tender moment I feel your spirit dancing Moving one with mine. And as the day’s final moments close heavy on my brow, Sleep joins in playful song melodies  So sweet I surrender to thoughts of you.

The Boy who Ran with the Stars

For his sixth birthday, my grandson Tucker asked that I write a book. It's not for publication, but you may read it by clicking this link:  The Boy Who Ran with the Stars . It's best read using Adobe PDF in the 2-page format.

Last Letter to My Love

Fall storms this morning woke me long before six The smell of wet leaves and spent fruit dying on the bough Snap and crackle ‘neath birds feet tapping the low hanging feeder. I must remember to buy more seed. Early morning mist sleeps silently outside my window As the faintest glow of amber dawn crests the pasture gate My fingers, warm against the frosty pane, trace the curve of your cheek Shoulders broad and strong Sad eyes Spawning rivers running cool on the window sill. The cat calls for breakfast Soft paws padding rhythmic pleas on my pillow I turn to bury my face deeper In your memory. Joy sits patiently in dusty journals filled with familiar smiles Laughter comes hard these days These long days Silence lays low like an old quilt where ivory clad notes danced Swirling awkwardly in a consonant embrace Now quiet Another’s eyes hold yours. Soon winter winds will heal the window rivers’ rush Stilling time Soon spring rains wil